5 Signs You Have A Rat Infestation In Your Garden

6 May 2021
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If you enjoy gardening and raising plants in your yard, rats can become a nightmare if you let them. A rat infestation can ruin all your hard work in a matter of days. But rats aren't just a risk to your plants and veggies. If given half a chance, rats will invade your home too. And if that happens, they could contaminate your home and your food. Are you worried that rats are running rampant in your garden? Read More …

Tips On How to Pest-Proof Your Home

9 April 2021
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Pests can be a nuisance in your home. Some insects such as termites can feed on wooden pillars in your home, weakening the house structure. Others such as mice can chew on clothes and books, causing extensive property destruction. Rats and roaches also pose a health hazard because they might contaminate your food. Therefore, you must do your best to rid your house of pests. Before you call pest control experts, you should try DIY tips to control the pests. Read More …

Five Ways to Prevent Bed Bugs in Shared Housing

15 December 2020
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One issue for apartment and shared housing dwellers is that no matter how careful you are, you can still end up with bed bugs if your neighbors aren't as cautious. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to protect your apartment from bed bug invasions from the neighbors. 1. Use Furniture Monitors Furniture monitors are small dishes that slip underneath the feet of your bed and other upholstered furniture. The dishes have a built in moat that surrounds the furniture leg without getting it wet. Read More …

Not Cinderella’s Friends: Mouse Infestation Issues

25 November 2019
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When you see a mouse inside your home, you've got a better chance that it's not alone than that it is. Mice are rapid reproducers, and when they nest, that nest grows very quickly. You'll want to get on top of the problem as soon as possible, including taking your own measures as well as reaching out to a pest control company for help. Here are some things to think about as you wait for your pest control company to arrive. Read More …

Pest-Proofing Your Pantry: Keeping Creepy Crumb-Seeking Critters At Bay

22 July 2019
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If you like to stock up on dry goods for your pantry, having a good pest-proofing plan is essential. A small insect or rodent problem can quickly leave your bulk nonperishable foods unfit for your family. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to pest-proof the pantry. Use the following guide to create your plan of action. Elevate Your Foods Keeping food stored on the floor, or even the bottom shelf of your pantry, can provide easy access for pests. Read More …