Effective Ways For Rodent Control

Effective Ways For Rodent Control

17 June 2021
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Almost every homeowner is familiar with the uneasiness that comes with discovering rodents in their residence. In other words, they don't prepare for such experiences. Sadly, these ubiquitous pests are cunning critters who may enter a structure or home through the tiniest gap or crack. Rodents only need a small opening to access a building.

These pests can contaminate meals and food handling facilities, cause extensive damage to a costly structure, and sometimes even cause power outages by nibbling on power lines. Most significantly, rats serve as infection reservoirs and carriers. Rodents control using a multi-tactic strategy reduces the danger of recurring infestations. Some of the methods you can use to control them include the following:

Eliminating Entry Points

Building a mouse-proof home, also known as rodent-proofing, is an excellent strategy to prevent mice invasions from initially spreading or arising. Eliminating mouse entry spots and readily accessible areas in your home keeps them out. Since mice can fit through even the tiniest of spaces, this may be tough. A basic rule is that if a pencil can fit through a gap, hole, or opening, so can a rodent such as a mouse. Therefore, you should cover underlying cracks and wall openings. Caulking or steel wool comes in handy at such times.

Contact Dust

Contact dust is rodenticide-containing dust sprayed on tracks and other areas the rodents frequent. Such dust is preferable in managing mice that come indoors and are difficult to control with bait due to their unpredictable feeding behaviors.

The mice collect the dust through their feet and fur. Since the mice clean themselves frequently and regularly, they ingest it immediately. However, when deploying it, you should exercise caution because it can rapidly contaminate stored commodities such as cereals, and you may not detect it.

Proper Sanitation

Ensure that your home and surroundings are tidy. It's a rule of thumb that rodents have no motivation to attack your residence if they can't access something they can eat. Therefore, you should not leave out food in the open or near your house. Also, keep pet food and waste bins in rodent-proof containers.


If you don't have a cat at home, consider adopting one to bid the rodents goodbye. Keeping a cat is vital; aside from being a companion animal, a cat is an excellent deterrent against rats in your garden and around your house. To frighten rodents away, the cat doesn't need to be the ideal control. Most rats and mice stay away because of the cat's presence. Therefore, rodents aren't frequently a concern in families with cats.

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