Tips On How to Pest-Proof Your Home

Tips On How to Pest-Proof Your Home

9 April 2021
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Pests can be a nuisance in your home. Some insects such as termites can feed on wooden pillars in your home, weakening the house structure. Others such as mice can chew on clothes and books, causing extensive property destruction. Rats and roaches also pose a health hazard because they might contaminate your food. Therefore, you must do your best to rid your house of pests. Before you call pest control experts, you should try DIY tips to control the pests. Here are helpful tips for pest-proofing your home.

Maintain the Cleanliness of Your Kitchen

Almost all pests, including ants and roaches, love food particles and leftovers. When the pests feed well, they reproduce fast. Therefore, you should keep your kitchen clean. 

You should keep leftovers and fruits in closed containers and stack them in the fridge. Avoid spilling sugar around the coffee maker and kitchen surfaces. If you spill the sugar by mistake, wipe the surfaces clean. Sweep or vacuum clean the kitchen floor regularly. Also, throw away all the kitchen wastes in a dustbin and dispose of the trash daily. Don't forget to regularly inspect your cooking area's dark sections and flash out any hiding insects.

Seal Any Holes on Your Walls

Whether your house is new or old, it is common to find holes forming on walls. The holes can be formed by water damage that causes cracking. These cracks enlarge over time and become large enough to harbor mice and bird nests. The most susceptible areas are the punctures where home appliances are plugged, particularly behind the freezer or washing machine. Therefore, you need to inspect your house regularly and seal all unnecessary holes.

You also need to inspect your basement, particularly the pipe exit points. Cracks usually form around such places, and they become excellent hiding places for pests. Ensure that you patch up all openings to prevent pests from entering your home.

Keep Your Home Dry

Pests proliferate in damp environments, so get rid of excess moisture. You can start by ensuring that your air conditioner is in perfect working condition. If you notice wet spots forming, you might need to repair your AC. Then, fix all leakages from your plumbing system.

Before you contact pest control services, you should first try pest-proofing techniques such as ensuring routine kitchen cleanliness. These measures will aid in the reduction of pests in your home. Once you're ready, contact companies like Bugs Anonymous to get rid of pests.