5 Types Of Pest Control Services That Keep Bugs And Other Pests Out Of Your House

5 Types Of Pest Control Services That Keep Bugs And Other Pests Out Of Your House

14 June 2023
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Pest control is an essential step in home maintenance. It's better to put preventative measures in place than it is to battle infestations once they occur. A pest problem is embarrassing, and it could even be a health threat. Plus, some pests even harm your home by destroying wood materials or personal items. Here are types of pest control that keep pests out of your home.

1. Termite Monitoring 

Since termites cause a lot of destruction, it's good to monitor them so you can have treatments done as soon as termites get active. A pest control company can place stations under the ground to monitor for termite activity in your yard. If termites disturb the bait, the exterminator can apply termiticide when needed. This protects your home from subterranean termite activity that might otherwise go undetected.

2. Pest Control Insulation

If your home needs new insulation, consider getting blown-in insulation that's treated with boric acid that kills pests. This eliminates the problem of insects multiplying in your attic. When bugs crawl on or through the insulation, they get the boric acid on their bodies and it kills them. Since your home needs insulation anyway, buying the type with built-in pest control plays two roles and helps keep bugs out of your house.

3. Scheduled Preventative Treatments

A useful form of pest control is preventative treatments. These are often applied around the outside of your home to keep bugs from getting indoors. They have a long-lasting effect so you have continuous protection between visits from the exterminator. Since roaches, ants, and other pesky bugs come inside from outdoors, treating the outdoors only is often an effective approach for preventative pest control.

4. Treatments For Active Infestations

Under the right conditions, any type of pest can multiply. You could get an invasion of mice, spiders, beetles, roaches, silverfish, or bed bugs. An exterminator can apply indoor treatments in the form of bait, traps, spray, or powder. They can tent your home and fumigate it, or they can apply heat treatments. The sooner you get help, the easier it will be to eliminate a pest problem.

5. Exclusion Services

Another service you might need, especially if you have an older home, is an exclusion service that involves plugging holes and gaps that allow pests to get inside your home. An exterminator can even install devices in your attic that let animals get out and then keep them from getting back inside. This can clear your house of a bat or squirrel problem since the animals need to leave your attic to find food.