Got Mice? How To Get Rid Of Them And Steps To Take To Keep Them Out

Got Mice? How To Get Rid Of Them And Steps To Take To Keep Them Out

13 January 2023
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If you have mice in your home, the situation can easily get out of control if you do not take care of this. If your home becomes infested, it is much more difficult to remove them. Before this happens, below are some tips to get these rodents out of your home, as well as what you can do to stop them from coming backing in the future. 

Contact Pest Control

Contacting a pest control company immediately is much easier than trying to take care of this problem on your own. A contractor first inspects your home to determine how many mice you have. They look for nests, which these creatures make from a variety of materials. Nest may be made from wool, twine, lint from a dryer, small pieces of clothing, wash cloths, etc. They build their nests in places like under an appliance, such as a washer or dryer in the laundry room. You may find a nest in unused drawers that are filled with items, such as paper. Mice also chews through drywall to get to an enclosed space. 

Once the pest control company finds the nest, they remove it. This is the first step in getting the mice out. Along with this step, they also set up traps in the nesting areas, as well as any areas where you see mice. Once the traps are set, you have to keep a constant eye on them. You have to remove dead mice and discard of them and then reset the trap again. Continue doing this until you no longer see mice in the trap. 

Prevent Mice

There are many preventative measures you can take to keep mice out of your home. First, keep a watch out for them so you can take care of the problem quickly. This includes droppings on flooring and inside walls, chewed marks on walls, food boxes, and more. 

You need to seal all holes and cracks that are large enough for mice to fit through. They can squeeze through tight openings. Repair any gaps under doors if the gap is large enough for mice to crawl through. If you have dogs, cats, or other pets, store the food in airtight containers. Keep your home clutter free so mice cannot find things to build nests with. Take out your garbage when it becomes full. 

The pest control contractor you hire can give you many more tips to keep these pesky rodents away.