Get Mosquito Control Services Today To Protect Against These Mosquito-Borne Diseases

Get Mosquito Control Services Today To Protect Against These Mosquito-Borne Diseases

23 November 2022
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The average individual views mosquitoes as a nuisance. They may not be aware of the various illnesses these pests can cause. Some homeowners have the perfect set-up for mosquitoes to breed. These insects must have access to a water supply to breed. An infestation can quickly occur if there are items on a property that can collect rainwater. Examples include old tires, toys, fountains, swimming pools, drainage from gutters, and puddles. They breed in standing water, and a swimming pool is only a threat if the pump is not running. The current from the pump will deter mosquito activity.

Mosquito control is a viable way to prevent or stop an infestation. There are a variety of approaches to this type of pest control. The goal is to attack the mosquitos at all stages of development. This means to treat properties for eggs, pupae, larvae, and adult mosquitos. A fun fact is that male mosquitos do not consume blood. They eat nectar for nutrition. However, females are the bloodsuckers that leave behind itchy red bumps. Blood is required for female mosquitoes to reproduce. Controlling or eliminating mosquitoes is important to reduce the chances of mosquito-borne illnesses. The following points identify a few of those diseases. 

Nile Virus

This is the most common mosquito-borne illness. It is not as serious as some of the other diseases that mosquitoes carry. However, it can cause similar reactions such as fever, pain, and rashes. For many, the symptoms are mild, and some individuals who get Nile Virus are asymptomatic.

EEE Virus

The EEE Virus presents a serious threat to individuals who get infected by it. Death is possible, and the virus has a high mortality rate. There are not any medications to treat the virus. Individuals must closely monitor their symptoms and can use over-the-counter medications to reduce pain and fever. Some individuals who survive an EEE infection experience brain damage.

Zika Virus

Pregnant women are the demographic that is most affected by the Zika Virus. It can be transmitted in utero and affect fetuses. A telltale sign is a cranial abnormality. Males and women who are not pregnant will experience discomfort from the Zika Virus. Eye inflammation, pain, and fever are common symptoms of this virus.

Chikungunya Virus

This is a virus that may present itself with joint pain, fever, rashes, swelling at the bite site, or muscle pain. Unfortunately, there are not any medications doctors can prescribe to get rid of it. Individuals must allow the virus to run its course. Pain medication and fever reduction medication can be taken for comfort.

A pest control company is a good resource to use for mosquito issues. They can intervene before an infestation, or they can eradicate mosquitoes and develop a treatment plan to minimize their presence.

Reach out to a pest control company to learn more about mosquito control options.