Residential Pest Control Tips For Preventing And Treating Infestations

Residential Pest Control Tips For Preventing And Treating Infestations

26 October 2022
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An important part of residential pest control is to have insecticide applied regularly throughout the year. The frequency depends on your climate and the type of pests that threaten your home. A pest control company can help you set up a schedule that's right for your home so you can keep bugs away. Here are some tips for residential pest control.

Have Insecticide Applied Outdoors On A Schedule

If you have insecticide applied outside, you may not need treatments applied indoors. You'll need input from your exterminator when determining if you need routine indoor treatments. Since most pests come in from outside, treating the outside of your home is often all that's needed.

The insecticide used has a residual effect, so it keeps working until it's time for the next visit. Having scheduled visits ensures you won't forget a preventative treatment, otherwise, an infestation could get started without you realizing it until the bugs are hard to get rid of.

Have Specialized Treatments When Needed

Routine preventative treatments kill a wide variety of insects, but you may still need special treatments occasionally. You might need a pest control company to remove bees, eliminate bed bugs, get rid of a rat infestation, or treat your yard for mosquitoes.

An exterminator can apply additional treatments throughout the year when they're needed for problems that routine preventative treatments can't handle.

Utilize Exclusion Services

Insecticides are useful for pest control, and so are exclusion services. Exclusion services involve sealing your home so bugs and rodents can't get inside easily. Your pest control company may provide this service if you don't know how or don't want to do it yourself.

This could involve working on a ladder to reach the edges of your roof, sealing the foundation, and closing gaps along the siding. Bugs often get inside through gaps you're not aware of, so it's important to check your home occasionally and close all the gaps you find with caulk or another suitable material.

Tackle Indoor And Outdoor Clutter

When your pest control company visits your home, they might point out problem areas in your yard that attract rodents or give bugs a place to hide and multiply. Once you realize what attracts pests, you can take steps to keep your yard tidy and your home free from clutter that could give bugs a place to thrive.

A pest control company may even ask that you clean your property so their treatments can work effectively. The fewer places for bugs and rodents to hide on your property and inside your house, the better it is for pest control.

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