Three Tiny Pests That You Need To Be Wary Of

Three Tiny Pests That You Need To Be Wary Of

31 August 2022
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Whether you own a house in northern Alaska or on the very southern tip of Texas, all American homes encounter pests of some kind. The type of pests will be determined by your location, although there are some universal pests that will affect you no matter where you live.

If you are a homeowner then you need to be vigilant for all manner of different pests, even the tiny ones. Here are three small pests that you should never try to deal with on your own, and why you should always call for professional pest control to come as backup.


Termites are a nightmare for every building owner across the country and, indeed, across the world. Termites are perhaps the most vicious pest you will encounter because they threaten the very home you live in. It doesn't take long for them to go to work either, so if you see any small termites around your home call for help immediately. While there are many online tutorials for how to take care of termites on your own, this is not something you should be taking lightly and trying to save money on. If even a few termites escape you could have a huge problem on your hand so always use a professional.


While there are not that many dangerous spiders in the USA when compared to, say, Australia, that does not mean there are no venomous spiders at all. There are quite a few lethal species of spiders across the country and trying to deal with any spiders on your own means you risk an injection of venom that could put you in the hospital. If you are not a spider expert, and you have a lot of young children and pets walking around, then calling for pest control is the pragmatic course of action.


Scorpions, just like spiders, can be quite dangerous to humans, especially little ones who are curious and do not recognize the danger presented by them. Scorpions are a lot more aggressive than most spiders as well, which is why you should always vacate the area you see them in and cordon it off until pest control agents get there to take over from you. Scorpions are not to be trifled with and if you have just moved into an area that they live in then you need to be warier of them and understand which are more dangerous than other types.

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