Do You Own A Short-Term Rental Home? 3 Benefits Of Working With A Bed Bug Exterminator

Do You Own A Short-Term Rental Home? 3 Benefits Of Working With A Bed Bug Exterminator

26 July 2022
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Owning a short-term rental home gives you a way to boost your income while dipping your toes into the real estate and hospitality markets. While a short-term rental home generates a large amount of passive income, it still requires some work and planning to make yours a sought-after destination. Although some types of maintenance can wait until something goes wrong, it is best to plan ahead for pest problems. Working with a bed bug exterminator offers you these benefits for keeping your property open for renting.

Perform Scheduled Inspections

Bed bugs aren't always as noticeable as other types of pests such as cockroaches. Their nocturnal nature means that they tend to come out while your guests are asleep. By the time your guests return home, they might notice a few bites but be unable to place where they came from. Exterminators offer regular inspections that you can use to stay on top of potential infestations before they start to spread. You can even ask your bed bug technician for the ideal schedule for inspections based on the frequency of visitors to your property.

Act Fast to Reports of Bed Bugs

You'll also have quite a few guests who will perform their own inspections upon their arrival at your property. Unfortunately, most people aren't experts at identifying insects, and there's no way to know for sure if you have bed bugs unless a pro checks out the space. Acting fast to reports can help you potentially retain your guests if they can be reassured that there isn't a problem. If they're right, then being proactive can help you restore your property to a safe place to stay so that you don't miss out on weeks of rental income. You can even save the furniture and mattresses on your property by working with a professional exterminator who knows how to eliminate the bugs without damaging your company's assets.

Prevent Embarrassing Reviews

Word of mouth marketing is huge for the short-term rental market. Whether you list your property independently or work with an online rental platform, the last thing you need is to have negative reviews start to show up regarding the cleanliness and comfort of your property. When you act fast to bed bug reports, you make it more likely that no guest will leave behind a scathing review that could include photos. Bed bug pest control is all about making sure that those crisp white sheets and comfy mattresses all stay picture perfect for your next guest's stay.

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