4 Summer Pest Control Tips You Should Know About

4 Summer Pest Control Tips You Should Know About

5 July 2022
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Summer is when all the insects, rodents, birds, reptiles, and other members of the animal kingdom flourish. Most will try to get into your home and set up shelters because they need protection from the sweltering heat. Others will also try and gain access to your premises for food and water. Your responsibility is to stay vigilant about infestations and ensure they do not lead to property damage. Exterminators typically recommend the following summer pest control mechanisms. 

Get Rid of Standing Water

Standing water is your first enemy when it comes to harboring pests in your home. It will bring rodents like raccoons and wild mice looking for water to drink and might also become breeding grounds for mosquitoes. You do not have to worry about the pool water because the chlorine content helps it repel bugs. However, a cover can help prevent bugs from falling into the water. Once you drain all unneeded water from your home, you prevent mosquitoes and other water-loving bugs from disturbing you.

Eliminate Food and Shelter Sources

Think about typical food and shelter sources for snakes and rodents. Most of the time, having the food needed by rodents creates two pest issues in the home. The rodents will come into your home aiming to get food from the trash cans and water from the sources. Their presence in the house will attract snakes, and you will be dealing with two types of pests on your premises. You can minimize summer pest infestation by eliminating food and shelter sources. 

Inspect the Premises for Bugs

You should also inspect all parts of the house to rule out the possibility of bugs. Bed bugs might get into your home from the college kids coming home for the summer holiday, vacation rentals, and other sources. Once they start multiplying inside your home, you will have difficulties handling them. You should consider getting an exterminator to assess the house if you suspect there might be trouble. They will help you fumigate and treat bedding and other areas that might have bugs.

Use Pest Control

Have a positive relationship with pest control service providers. They are the ideal people to let you know when pest issues escalate. They will also give you timely and permanent solutions to prevent infestations or property damage.

The key is being vigilant about the possibility of pests in your home and acting fast. Professional pest control services will minimize pest damage in your home and maximize safety and security.