Can Pest Control Kill & Prevent Wasps?

Can Pest Control Kill & Prevent Wasps?

22 April 2022
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Wasps are a part of life throughout the United States. Each year, many people find that wasps are not only nesting outside their homes but also making their way into the home. It is important that you speak with a residential pest control professional to discuss wasps and other types of stinging insects.

If you've ever been stung by a wasp, you know how painful it can be. This is reason enough to do everything possible to keep wasps out of your home. These are some of the ways you might try to prevent wasps from taking over your home.

Spraying for Wasps

In some cases, professionals can spray for wasps to kill existing nests and prevent wasps from coming back. If you are able to spray for wasps, you can prevent wasps from making the same nest in your home.

Sprays may not prevent wasps on a long-term basis, and wasps may return after the spray wears off. This is why it is so important that you have regular treatment. It is important that your provider follows up on your treatment to ensure that you have ongoing protection from wasps and other insects.

Sugar Traps for Wasps

Many people prefer a more natural technique for getting rid of wasps. Sugar traps are one way to do this, and they can be highly effective. If you have a preference for natural ways to get rid of wasps and kill them, speak with a pest control professional who can provide more guidance about how to protect your home.

Wasp Prevention

Preventing wasps is difficult, but it can be done. One way to prevent wasps naturally is to plant things around the home that they do not like. For example, wasps do not like mint. Growing mint plants can deter wasps from wanting to make a home in your yard.

You can also prevent wasps from getting into your home by sealing openings. You should pay attention to any holes in your exterior that could provide an opening for stinging insects to work their way in. This includes openings to your attic.

Get Help From a Residential Pest Control Professional

Residential pest control professionals have a lot of information about eliminating pests from your home. You can trust a professional to do everything in their power to prevent wasps from working their way into your home. A professional can help protect your family and your pets from painful stings. Look into residential pest control services near you.