Eco-Friendly And Dog Has Fleas? Eco-Friendly Ways To Get The Fleas Off Them And Out Of Your Home

Eco-Friendly And Dog Has Fleas? Eco-Friendly Ways To Get The Fleas Off Them And Out Of Your Home

27 October 2021
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If your dog has fleas, they are probably miserable. The fleas can even bite you. You also likely have fleas inside your home that can be difficult to remove. There are many flea treatments on the market that work great but are not eco-friendly. Fortunately, you also have options that are eco-friendly to get the fleas off your dog and out of your home. Below is more information on this so you can make your dog feel better.

Eco-friendly Flea Treatment Options

You can find flea treatments in stores or online that use only natural products to kill fleas on animals. Read the labels on these products to ensure there are no chemicals in them to be sure.

There are things you can try on your own to get the fleas out of your home. First, set a trap, which is simply putting water in a bowl and adding a few drops of liquid dish detergent. The fleas are drawn to the scent and once they get into the bowl they are stuck and will drown.

There is a product that is called diatomaceous earth (DE) that can also be used to kill fleas. It is important when choosing DE that you choose food-grade DE because there are other types that do use chemicals. Food grade DE is completely natural and will not harm you or your family. When DE gets on fleas it causes them to dehydrate immediately and die. DE is available at many garden centers or home improvement stores. Spread it over your carpet and leave it overnight. In the morning vacuum your carpet and then remove the vacuum bag and throw it away outside away from your home. 

Eco-friendly Pest Control

Contact a pest control company that uses only eco-friendly products. They can spray your home to kill the fleas. If you have a lot of fleas the pest control company may need to come back a few more times. It is important that you treat your dog first, however. If your dog still has fleas, the fleas will stay in your home. The pest control company may have tips on eco-friendly flea products you can use on your dog.

The pest control company will spray your carpeting and anywhere else where you have seen fleas. They will also need to know where your dog often goes, such as where they sleep a lot, as they will spray these areas also.

Talk with a flea exterminator company and they can give you much more information about flea treatment.