How Can You Avoid Getting Termites If Your Neighbor Has Them?

How Can You Avoid Getting Termites If Your Neighbor Has Them?

27 March 2019
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If your neighbor's home is being chewed apart by termites, you're probably scared that your own might be next! Your concern is legitimate. Termites live in huge underground colonies, so if the colony is in contact with your neighbor's home, it could easily expand and come into contact with your own home, too. Luckily, there are some actions you can take to protect your home from these invading pests.

Keep your wood dry. 

Although desperate termites may sometimes chew dry, intact wood, they far prefer wood that is moist and beginning to rot. If you keep your wood dry and in good shape, you'll greatly reduce your risk of a termite invasion. Dry out your basement with a dehumidifier. Fix any leaking pipes, and if your foundation leaks at all, take the time to have it sealed up. 

Clean up wood piles and brush.

You would not want the termites to move into your wood pile, because then they are that much closer to your home. To make your wood pile less appealing, organize your wood into a single stack, and lift it up off the ground on plastic pallets or crates. Trim any weeds around the pile, and burn any brush that has piled up. Do not stack wood against your home, either. This traps moisture against your home and may make both your home and your wood pile a prime site for termite invasion.

Have a pest control company create a barrier of insecticides.

Hire a pest control company to come create a barrier of insecticides around your home's foundation. Typically, when the goal is termite prevention, they will inject the insecticides about a foot down into the soil around your home's perimeter. This way, if the termites make it this far, they will die before they make it to your home. Insecticide barriers offer good protection, but they are not 100% effective, so make sure you follow the other advice in this article, too.

Don't use wood mulch.

Not only is wood mulch itself appealing to termites, but it also traps moisture in the soil and makes that soil more appealing to termites. It's best not to use mulch around your home's foundation at all if you have termites in the area. If you must use mulch, switch to gravel, rubber, or something else inorganic that the termites won't be able to eat.

Having termites on the land next to you can be scary, but there are ways to keep your home from being their next meal. 

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