Tips For Naturally Keeping Spiders Out Of Your House In The Fall

Tips For Naturally Keeping Spiders Out Of Your House In The Fall

22 August 2018
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If you or someone in your household is highly allergic to spiders, you may be worried that the pests may invade your home once the temperatures start dropping this fall. If so, use the following tips for using natural means of keeping the spiders away so that they do not hurt you or a member of your family.

Repel Spiders with the Strong Scent of Lavender Oil

While you might love the light, fragrant scent of lavender oil, spiders cannot stand it. They do not like strong flowery scents, so you can use this hatred for the oil to your advantage while making your home smell lovely.

There are two ways you can use the lavender oil to repel spiders. First, you can wipe small amounts along your windows, doors, and baseboards. The fragrance of the oil should last for a couple of weeks before you have to repeat the application.

Second, you can diffuse the fragrance of the oil into the air for more even distribution. You can either purchase a diffuser at your local pharmacy, or you can boil about four or five drops of lavender oil in a pot of water on the stove. Though diffusing the oil is easier to implement, it has to be repeated more often than applying it directly. If you choose this method, plan on doing so every three or four days.

Use Lemon-scented Cleaners

Another way to keep spiders away involves making a simple change to the way you clean. More specifically, it means changing what products you clean with.

Like lavender, spiders cannot stand the smell of citrus. While you could go around rubbing lemon peels on your doors and windows, which would have to be repeated every few days, a simple way to take advantage of this fragrance that is repellent to spiders is to use lemon-scented cleaners.

Since cleaning products from furniture polish to all-purpose cleaners are available in lemon scents, you can douse your whole house in this fragrant. The spiders will be less likely to come into your home, while your house will smell lemony fresh and clean.

Using the above tips can help you keep the spider population in your home down to a minimum. However, if the number of spiders is getting out of hand, contact pest services to discuss your options for getting rid of them, as well as further advice on keeping them away.