Simple Steps to Prepare Your Home for Pest Control Treatments

Simple Steps to Prepare Your Home for Pest Control Treatments

13 June 2018
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It can be very difficult to keep pests out of the home. Spiders, cockroaches, ants, and even rodents like mice are always searching for new sources of food and places to live. When a colony or ants or cockroaches move into your home, they are difficult to get rid of.

Once you hire your pest control company, you will need to prepare your home for treatments. Here are some simple steps to follow to prepare your home for the most common of pests found indoors.

Ant Treatment Preparation

To prepare for treatments to eradicate ants in your home, you need to move all small items and non-heavy furniture away from the walls. If you have ants in your kitchen, then you need to remove the items or make space from the back of the countertops and inside cabinets. Cover your countertop with a durable cloth or plastic to protect it.

Clear your windowsills and then sweep and mop all floors, and clean your countertops and your windowsills. If you have a fish tank or reptile tank, then you will need to cover it and shut off any pumps leading to it for the duration of the treatments.

Once the treatment is complete, don't wash your floors or countertop for several days or weeks after to ensure the treatments work.

Flea Treatment Preparation

Fleas can get everywhere in your house once they have attached to your pets. You need to remove and wash all your bedding, including comforters, and store them in trash bags until after the treatments are complete. Move all items on the floor, especially carpeted areas, under your beds and inside your closets. Place them into bags and put them onto the beds or onto hardwood, tile, or vinyl surfaces, but not on any fabric coated chairs or couches.

Vacuum your floors, and don't forget to vacuum under your appliances or under couches and chairs. Remove the bag from the vacuum, place it into a sealed plastic bag, and throw it away. Protect any fish tanks during treatment by covering them.

Cockroach Treatment Preparation

To prepare for cockroach treatment, follow the same steps you take when you are having treatments for ants. The difference will be to clear contents from your bathroom and kitchen sink cabinets. You also need to take out the top drawers of dressers, cabinets, nightstands, coffee tables, and end tables. Cover the items you take out and cover them with plastic or a durable cover.

After you've prepared your home by following the appropriate steps, contact a pest control company, such as First Choice Termite and Pest Control, Inc., to treat your home.