Bed Bug Information For Frequent Travelers

Bed Bug Information For Frequent Travelers

14 May 2018
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Being able to travel to different places on a regular basis is a great privilege. However, staying in numerous hotels or the homes of family and friends while on vacation sometimes comes with the risk of being exposed to pests known as bed bugs. The worst thing about bed bug exposure is that they can leave your body covered in bite marks, which can become a big problem if you experience an allergic reaction. Bed bugs have a flat appearance and can hide in various places for a long time without being noticed. Browse through the information below to learn more about bed bugs in case you have already unknowingly been exposed to them during a vacation.

Bed Bugs Can Hide in Small Crevices

You can easily be exposed to bed bugs without ever noticing that they are present. This is because the pests are able to hide in small crevices, which can sometimes make it difficult to spot them without actually looking for them. For instance, the crevices of mattresses is the main area that bed bugs can be found when they are present. The pests can also crawl away from the mattresses and get into the crevices of bedroom furniture, such as nightstands and headboards. It isn't uncommon to spot the pests in areas besides the bedroom of a home, hotel, or other establishments as well.

You May Have Brought Bed Bugs Home

Don't be surprised if you begin to see bed bugs crawling around your house. It is easy to bring the pests home after taking a vacation, as they can come back with you in several ways. Bed bugs can crawl into your luggage and hide in the compartments or within your clothes. If you carry around a briefcase for business or other purposes, the pests can crawl into it as well. The best thing that you can do is thoroughly inspect each temporary dwelling place that you stay in while on vacation for the presence of bed bugs.

Occasional Extermination Is Wise

Even if you have never spotted a bed bug in your house, it is wise to hire a pest control company every now and then. Hiring an exterminator will get rid of any of the pests that you don't know are present. Extermination is also the smartest way to prevent a few bed bugs from turning into an infestation. Contact pest control services to get your house inspected for bed bugs.