Do You Have Bugs Biting You In The Night? What To Know About Bed Bugs And Why You Need Expert Help

Do You Have Bugs Biting You In The Night? What To Know About Bed Bugs And Why You Need Expert Help

4 April 2018
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Do you or others in your family wake up every day and have bumps and itchy skin? If you think that you are getting bitten in the night by bugs, but you aren't sure what type of bugs are doing it, or why you can't find them around your house anywhere, then you may have bed bugs.

Bed bugs are a problem in all 50 states in America, and you can pick up bed bugs in a variety of places. Here are some of the things that you want to know if you fear they have invaded your home.

These Insects are Hard to Find

Bed bugs come out at night because they are a nocturnal species, and they hide during the day in the deepest crevices around your home. Commonly they hide in the mattress, in dressers and other dark areas. Many homeowners don't catch them in action because they don't feel the bites during the night when they are sleeping and the bed bugs are eating.

You Need Professional Help

Professional exterminators are needed to get rid of bed bugs effectively. If you haven't already called, you'll want to call and get an appointment to have the professionals come to examine your home. They will be able to apply a treatment that doesn't just get the general areas of the house, but the interior walls, closets, and other closed areas as well. Visit sites like for more information.

Key Items May be Hosting Bed Bugs

There are specific areas where the bed bugs may be hiding in your home. These areas include inside items like:

  • Luggage and backpacks
  • Pillows and mattresses
  • Vehicles, especially where luggage is transported
  • Couches and furniture

There are items that you will want to have professionally dry cleaned, like heavy down comforters and bedding, or luggage and winter coats. Talk with the exterminators to see what items you should have cleaned, and what items are best to toss.

You don't want to spend a lot of time trying to clean everything in your house, and if there are items the exterminators don't know if they can get bed bug-free, get rid of the items instead of running the risk of having your house exposed again. There are a lot of different professional extermination professionals that can help you with your bed bug problem, you just have to act quickly to treat the problem before it becomes a full blown infestation.