Are Pests Bugging Your Thrift Shop Customers? 3 Tips To Helping Your Customers Shop In Peace

Are Pests Bugging Your Thrift Shop Customers? 3 Tips To Helping Your Customers Shop In Peace

17 March 2018
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As the owner of a thrift shop, you have an opportunity to promote environmental awareness by repurposing old items. While you love interacting with the customers that your business attracts, one thing that you have noticed lately is that pests are also taking note of your up-and-coming company. Unfortunately, pests are often attracted to commercial buildings, and a constant inflow of used items opens up a few extra risks for pest infestations than other types of businesses. When pests start bugging your customers, you must take action. Use these three tips to end your pest problems so that everyone enjoys their shopping experience.

Reduce Bird Attractants Outside

The entrance to your thrift shop is your first chance to make a good impression. While chalk art signs, flower arrangements, and a friendly greeting all make guests feel welcome, these lovely additions to your storefront may go unnoticed if birds are nesting nearby. Pigeon control is a major issue for both urban and rural businesses, and flocks of pigeons near your entrance leave unsightly droppings that harbor bacteria. You can do your part to prevent nests by using preventative strategies such as wire mesh to block off eaves and other areas where pigeons congregate.

Watch for Signs of Bed Bugs

People often associate bed bugs with traveling and motel rooms. Yet, any business that deals with used clothing and furniture is also at risk for bed bug infestations. Train your staff members to inspect every item that comes to your store for signs of a bed bug issue. For instance, black specks along the seams of upholstered furniture could be egg particles from an infestation. If you do notice signs of bed bugs or get a report from a customer, then take it seriously. Professional bed bug removal services restore the safety of your property so that your business maintains its upstanding reputation.

Implement Strict Sanitation and Hygiene Procedures

Other types of insects are also attracted to thrift shops. For example, cockroaches prefer environments with easy access to food, and used dishes may still come to your business with residue that has not been fully cleaned. Alternatively, clothes and children's furniture such as high chairs may also have food particles attached. Establish specific procedures for your staff to follow such as cleaning new items with a solution of bleach and water to remove any potential roach attractants.

You've put the hard work into creating a business that welcomes each customer to browse to their heart's content. Now, make sure that no one gets a nasty surprise by implementing pest control strategies that address annoying birds, bugs, and rodents before they scare away your customers. 

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