3 Ways To Keep Pests Out Of Your Home

3 Ways To Keep Pests Out Of Your Home

17 December 2017
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No one wants a home infested with pests, but they are a common problem. Luckily, there are some simple steps you can take to prevent most pests from entering your home without the use of potentially dangerous chemicals that could hurt or kill pets and children. Check out these three ways to keep pests out of your home.

Seal Your Home

Stop letting pests into your home by sealing it. Pests like rodents and bugs find small holes and cracks to sneak into your home. Some common places include the crawl space, holes around pipes leading outside, missing screens and gaps around windows. You can solve most of these with a bottle of liquid insulation. Simply spray the whole, and the insulation fills it in, blocking pests. For your crawl space, however, you should consider having it sealed professionally, which costs money. If you can't afford to have your crawlspace sealed, make sure to block any holes or cracks leading into your home from the crawlspace.

Eliminate Food and Water Sources

You probably don't have food lying around on the floor or hidden in corners, but if you have pests, they are finding food and water somewhere. If you've been keeping your house spotless, but still see pests, consider your pet's food. If you free-feed your cat or dog, you're also free-feeding pests. It's best to keep the food up and feed your pet at meal times only. You can't exactly hide your pet's water, but you can keep it somewhere pests won't like to go, such as out of dark places. If you don't have a pet, check for leaking pipes.

Keep Your Exterior Clean

Keeping pests out of your home actually starts outside. If you have a lot of pest-friendly items near the home, they are more likely to decide to enter your home. For example, having plants close to your home like ivy can help rodents climb to upper windows and gives pests food and a home. It's not long before they decide to move a little closer. Make sure to keep your exterior clean by keeping plants, composite piles, etc. away from your home, so pets stay away from your home.

These simple steps don't take much work, but they will keep a lot of pests out of your home. If it's already too late, and you're infested, or if you just want more information about how to prevent rodents and other pests, contact a rodent control specialist today.