Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Flies

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Flies

16 December 2017
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 Flies are annoying, they spread germs and by extension diseases. They like to pitch on food which when consumed can make you or your family members sick. If you are having a fly infestation then you must act quickly to rid your home of these pests. There are many natural solutions for getting rid of flies, here are some of the best ways you can do it.

Make Your Own Fly Repellent

If you have some apple cider vinegar, vodka or clove oil available you can mix any of them in a spray bottle with some water and spray the solution into the air. This will repel flies quickly as they do not like the smell.

You can also dice cucumber or cayenne pepper into very small pieces, so that they can fit through the mouth of a spray bottle, add some water to the bottle and shake well. Spray the solution into the air to repel flies.

Create A Paper Fly Trap

Paper fly traps are easy to make and you can hang them anywhere inside your home and at doorways. Get some brown paper and some corn syrup, coat the paper with the corn syrup and hang it in the room or at a doorway. Flies will be attracted to the paper and become stuck in the sticky corn syrup.

Get Repellent Plants

There are certain plants that naturally repel flies, these are lavender, mint and basil. Basil is the most effective at getting rid of flies but all the plants stated do have repellent powers. Plant them near your home or better yet, keep potted versions of these plants so that you can bring them into your home as necessary to get rid of flies.

Set A Soda Bottle Trap

Get an empty two liter soda bottle and rinse it thoroughly. Cut off the top of the bottle near where the top of the label usually is. Pour some sugar and water in a third of the remaining bottle. Turn the top part of the bottle that you had cut off in a funnel like position and place it over the part of the bottle with the sugar and water mixture. Flies will be attracted to the bottle and go into it via the make shift funnel but they will not be able to get out.

There are many natural ways to repel flies and prevent them from spreading diseases in your home. Natural repellents are safe to use and highly effective. For more help, contact a service, like Ram Pest Management, LLC.