Termites And Winter: Debunking Common Myths Related To These Pests And Cold Weather

Termites And Winter: Debunking Common Myths Related To These Pests And Cold Weather

11 December 2017
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There are many myths out there related to termites and cold weather. Unfortunately, this can cause homeowners to let their guard down when it comes to these pests during the winter months. Termites can cause a significant amount of damage quickly and can rapidly multiply, so it is important to understand how termites operate in the winter and how it can affect your home and a possible infestation. Here are three myths related to termites and cold weather and the truths surrounding these myths. 

Myth 1: Termites Do Not Lay Eggs During the Winter

One of the myths surrounding termites is that they do not lay eggs during the winter months. There is a bit of truth to this, but there is also some falsehood to this. Termites that live in a cold weather climate typically do not lay eggs outside during the winter months. This is because it is too cold for them to do so. However, if you live in a warmer weather climate, or if the pests have already infested your home, they can continue to lay eggs as it is warm enough for them to do so. As such, you should never assume the a termite infestation will not multiply during the winter months. 

Myth 2: You Won't See Termites During the Winter

Another myth that is common in relation to termites and winter is that you will not see termites during the winter months. During the winter months, termites do do a better job at hiding. This is because they are trying to stay warm. They bury themselves further into the ground or deeper within your wood to try to stay warm. But, you may still see the termites, or at the very least, continue to see their tunnels during the winter months if you know what you are looking for and where to look. 

Myth 3: Termite Treatments Should Cease in the Winter

The last myth is that termite treatments should cease during the winter months. Because the termites are buried deeper in the ground or deeper in your woodwork, it can make it harder to remove these pests during the winter months. But this does not mean that you should cease all treatments. Treatments still should continue if your home is infested. The infestation will continue to grow if you stop treating the pests, which can make it harder to remove them when it does warm up. 

If you have a termite infestation, or if you suspect you may, it is best to contact a professional pest control company, like Reliant Termite and Pest Control. They know what signs to look for and where to look to determine if you have an infestation, what type of infestation and how extensive the infestation may be. Once they have determined all of this information, they can go to work to remove the pests from your home and stop the damage that these bugs may be doing.