Get Rid Of Ants Before They Invade Your Home: 3 Tips

Get Rid Of Ants Before They Invade Your Home: 3 Tips

5 December 2017
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Ants are creepy crawly insects that may seem completely harmless when you're outside, but bring all of those ant colonies inside your home and it's a big problem. Help prevent ants from coming into your home and taking over your house by following the tips below to get rid of the population before they attempt to make their way inside.

Remove Mulch

Mulch is a big attractant for ants, as they will make their homes there and multiply like crazy. If you have mulch around the foundation of your home, it's only a short amount of time before you will begin to see ants coming inside your home. Get rid of the mulch so it isn't touching your foundation, or add a rock border closer to your foundation and then mulch around the rock if this is the look you still want in these areas.

Get Rid Of Brush

Brush piles are a great place for pests to hide, especially ants such as carpenter ants. Get rid of these brush piles to keep ants and other pests away from your home. Overgrown landscaping should also be cut back or removed, especially if it is touching your home. A good rule of thumb is to keep all landscaping at least three feet away from your homes foundation. Plants, bushes and trees are a great bridge for insects to use to get to your home, so keep these away from your house. Plants that attract ants such as peonies and lillies should be kept further away from your home as well. If you have these plants around your home or yard, you may have noticed a good amount of ants on these plants.

Spray Pesticide

Even if you get rid of mulch or get rid of landscaping planted closely around your home, you may still have a great number of ants around the exterior of your home. If this is the case, you may need to use a pesticide in order to help decrease the population. There are pesticides that you can spray or a granular pesticide that you can sprinkle close to your foundation or throughout your yard. Follow the instructions on the pesticide you use and be sure to use protective gloves and protective eye-wear while using any pesticide. Also keep pets and small children inside while you use the pesticide.

Prevent ants from coming into your home by going straight to the source outside of your home. If you have ants inside and aren't able to get control of them or they keep coming back, call a professional pest control company for help with ant control.